Classes and Schedule

Our instructors are nationally and or internationally recognized Judo champions.  ARENA Training Center classes are designed for students of all skill levels and ages.  For more information on our instructors please visit the "Our Team" page.  We have a 2,000 square foot training facility and maintain a family friendly environment.  Your child will benefit in every manner regardless if they are focused for competition or recreational learning. Judo requires and teaches focus, discipline, quicker thinking, and many others.  Classes are structured as a whole class and then break into pairs to practice and spar.  With constant partner change ups, it allows your child to spar against competitors of different skills, ages, and sizes which assists with self defense and safety.  Life never plays fair, so why not be prepared for it.

We encourage you to come and visit our dojo to view our training classes and experience the environment to help guide your decision to join us. You may also meet and speak with our instructors to discuss the class or have questions or feel free to speak with any of the parents.

  • All classes have a free introductory 2 lesson trial
  • If class lands on a holiday or class must be canceled for a day, class will be rescheduled. Check the calendar page for class schedules, it's updated weekly to reflect dates and times.
  • Age Range: 4yrs old to Adult
  • Schedule: Sundays 4pm to 5:30pm & Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8pm

Membership Information

  • No sign-up fees
  • No program, service, renewal (returning student), or hidden fees of any kind
  • No contracts to lock you in, pay monthly or pay in advance for future lessons
  • Discounts available for family members, Military Personnel, Police, and Firefighters
  • Month Membership Fee: $75 a month **Free uniform (Gi) with 2-month first time sign-up
  • Liability form must be signed by students or parent's/guardians prior to joining class or free trial. Form is made available when you arrive.

Facts and Questions

What is Judo: Judo is derived from Jujitsu and was born on October 28, 1860 by Professor Jigoro Kano.  The word Judo means gentle or yielding way. Most moves can be done with full force to create a decisive victory without injury.  It is best known for its throwing techniques but also involves considerable grappling on the ground.  Judo was introduce to the Olympic Games in 1964.  Judo has strict set of rules that govern competition and ensures safety.  Judo is a inexpensive, year-round activity that appeals to of all walks of life and ages.

What are the Judo Belt Colors: Judo created the system of ranks, now used in most other martial arts, that recognizes a person's degree of skill, ability, and leadership.  Ranks for juniors (under 17) and adults are separate.  Ranks are identified by colored belts and 10 degrees of advancement for black belts.  Students show greater progress if they have a visible system of many color belts recognizing achievement and providing regular incentives.

Colors: WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, AND PURPLE before the traditional BROWN, and BLACK

How much time does it take to achieve each belt color:  There is no set time student achievement in Judo.  Students are promoted forward to the next color when the required knowledge, ability, and skills are demonstrated.  Each student gains knowledge and skill at their own pace.  We do not pressure our students to perform at levels above their own ability, promote them when they are not ready, or push them through the program to simply collect belts.  Judo is a year around sport.  We grant your children the hard earned pride in achieving the next color belt.