Nefeli has been training and competing with the best of them since she was 4 years old. She has gained a long hard earned list of accomplishments, titles, and achievements. She now has one centered goal and it is to compete and win gold in the Olympics. She is working towards reaching the 2020 Olympics held in Japan.

She is ranked #1 in the US and #54 in the world for her weight class.  (ranking based on current standings). As with any sport, she must compete to earn enough points to qualify for the Olympic level.  This requires constant training and traveling for national and international competitions such as the Pan-American Open in Santo Domingo, European Open in Serbia, and Grand Prix in Zagreb to achieve the required qualifying points. Lets help her reach the American dream and grant our country the ability to be represented by the best in our nation! For more information or give a donation, please CLICK HERE.

We will be hosting a series of self defense seminars to help fund Nefeli's path towards her dream to reach the 2020 Games. Why not join in the effort to help a Lake County, IL local and actively learn some defense moves while having fun.