Our students are teammates and are trained, treated, and respected equally on and off the mat in our dojo.


We are a family owned and operated Dojo.  We train students for competition level and openly welcome recreational students.  We have been serving Lake County communities since 2011.  We cater to all ages and skill levels to gain ability and knowledge.  We ensure the proper training, technique, and attention is given to all our students to achieve success.   We do not pressure students to compete if they choose not to.  Many of our students have placed in state, regional, national, and inter-national competitions and tournaments.  We are committed to guiding your child or yourself to reach the goals you want whether its on or off the competition mat.  Experience the family friendly environment and gain skills for the competitive edge on and off the mat.


Judo is a representative Japanese sport which has an international following.  Judo contributes enormously to friendship and peace among nations of the world today by offering an area in which people can come together for a fruitful and respectful exchange.  Judo helps promote the happiness and prosperity of all mankind.  There can be no loftier goal.  Judo is a mix of standing and ground techniques.  It incorporates submissions, grappling, jujitsu, take-downs, throws, and immobilization, chokes and arm bars. (chokes and arm bars are for advanced students.

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Benefits of ARENA Training Center Judo

Focus and Self Control - Assist in honing your child's attention's span. This will allow them to become better listener's in the Dojo, in the classroom, and at home.

Confidence and Self Esteem - With the progression of continuous training of our program. Students will increase in skills and take pride with their hard earned achievements. 

Self Defense and Safety - Competition focused techniques taught in lessons may be used in real life for evasion. Students also become more aware of their surroundings both on and off the mat.  Judo is the safest contact sport for children under 13yrs of age. (source: American College of Sports Medicine)

Decision Making - Learn well informed and quick decisions by balancing the pros and cons of their actions

Character Development - Students learn to win and lose in a positive manner. It will help them become more well rounded individual in life.

Physical Strength and Conditioning - Additional psychical fitness that goes beyond gym class. Your child will be healthier and feel better while getting and staying in shape. After rowing, Judo physical exercise has the highest calorie consumption: 363 calories for 1/2 hour. (Source: World Health Organization)

Humility and Modesty - Become both student and teacher as they practice,  spar, and share knowledge with their teammates.

Friendship and Having Fun - Students look forward to attending class each week as they increase their skills, see their teammates, and having fun while participating.





Antalya - Grand Prix

Nefeli has completed her competition at the Antalya Grand Prix this past weekend. She came in 5th place, the best results from the US seniors have produced since last fall. She earned enough points to reach qualifying levels for the Olympics. She must continue to compete to increase her level or maintain it. Her losses were to others ranked #9 and #12. Both are well experienced fighters who have been active in the circuit for 8 years who are also 8 years older. She continues to be fearless and fights with the best in the world to earn her place.



Grand Prix - Tbillisi, Georgia

Nefeli recently traveled to Tbillisi, Georgia to complete in their Grand Prix. Her efforts in the competition raised her world standing to two positions away from qualifying minimum. She also was nominated the “top ippons” of the tournament. She will continue to compete to achieve qualification level and retain it.



Christmas Party at the Dojo was a Success!! What a way to enjoy time with the teammates after a long year of practices, supporting each other, and competing. After a shortened practice session, the kids were surprised with promotions they worked hard to earn. Followed by games, food and fun. View the photos of the kids with their proudly earned belts!!



Welcome Back Nefeli!!

Instructor Nefeli has just returned from two international competing events. Her first event was held in Cancun Mexico. She currently holds world rank #48. She fought 3 rounds in this event. In the first round, she defeated her opponent #24 world ranked from Portugal. She lost the next two rounds to 2016 Olympians.

Nefeli’s next international event was in the Bahamas. She fought against her opponent from Japan for a total of 7 minutes before losing the round, 4 minutes of regular time, and 3 minutes of overtime!! Her opponent eventually took gold in this event. While beating all others in less than 3 minutes. Lets applaud Nefeli’s fighting spirit.



Please put your hands together in celebration of three students who represented our dojo at the IL State Championships recently held in Deerfield, IL. They won many hard matches, with determination, they stand before us as champions. Coach Steve and Coach Nefeli are very proud of their accomplishments, as are all teammate and parents.




Calendar events contains our class schedule. Please view weekly as class may be rescheduled due to holidays or other reasons. Competition events available to our students and events instructor Nefeli will be attending on her journey to the Olympics.