ARENA Training Center welcomes you. We are a family owned and operated dojo. We have been serving the Waukegan and Gurnee communities since 2011. We offer Judo, Boxing, and recently added Boot Camp exercise class. We cater to all ages and skill levels to gain ability and knowledge. We ensure the proper training, technique, and attention is given to all our students to achieve success. We are committed to guiding your child or yourself to reach the goals you want whether its on or off the competition mat. Enjoy our website to learn who we are, what our message is, and what you can gain from joining us.




Boxing is an old time classic sport with a full and rich history. Regardless of skill level and ability, boxing will make you stronger, leaner, faster, etc. If you are looking to enter the boxing ring or recreational exercise give us a look.


Judo's main focus is grappling where the objective is to either throw or takedown an opponent. We are a competitive dojo and openly welcome recreational students. Many of our students have placed in regional, national, and inter-national competitions. From beginners to seasoned black belts. Experience the family friendly environment and skills for the competitive edge.



Boot Camp is a new program recently added. This exercise class focuses to shed weight,  gain lean muscle mass, increase strength, flexibility, and self confidence. Join us in a friendly group environment structure with positive encouragement to reach your goals.

Benefits of ARENA Training Center Judo

Focus and Self Control: Judo will assist your child's attention span. This will allow them become better listeners in the dojo, at school, and home

Self Confidence and Self-Esteem: With progression of our training program comes increased skills and achievements they will take pride in

Self Defense and Safety: Competition level techniques used in lessons may be used in life for evasion. They will also become more aware of their surroundings

Decision Making: Your child will learn to make quick and well informed decisions by balancing pros and cons of their and others actions

Character Development: Students  will learn to win and lose in a positive manner that will help them in life

Physical Strength  and Conditioning: With child obeseity increasing every year, allow your child additional physical fitness that goes beyond gym class. Your child will feel and look healthier while getting and staying in shape.

Humility and Modesty: Your child will become both the student and teacher as they practice and spar with others in class and share knowledge

Friendship and Having Fun: Your child will look forward to class each week as they increase their skills, see their classmates, and have fun doing it



The 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Instructor Nefeli is actively working towards her dream to qualify for the Olympic Games in Judo. She is ranked #1 in the US and #17 in the world for her weight class. Donations are currently being collected to help offset traveling expenses as she competes in the Pan-American Open in Santo Domingo, European Open in Serbia, and Grand Prix in Zagreb to achieve the required qualifying points. Lets help her reach her American dream and grant our country the ability to be represented by the best in our nation! For more information to give a donation, please CLICK HERE.



We are hosting  a Self Defense seminar  to help you learn the basics that will help  you be safe and keep a peace of mind. For pricing and registering for the seminar CLICK HERE.

Date: Saturday January 20th

Time: 11AM to 1PM

Limited spots available, contact us to reserve your spot!



Judo class photographs provided by Andrew Hernandez